How I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls and the lessons I learned - Winner of Reader Views Silver Medal for Humor!

How I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls and the lessons I learned is a humorous memoir of Andrew McKinney that includes many different stories, from the hilarious escapades of his family and work life to dramatic periods with his rebellious teenage daughters. Available as an Ebook (Kindle or Kobo) or paperback (5.5" X 8.5" 360 pages).

The book begins with Andrew returning from a business trip. He's at the top of his game as a scientist and executive, yet control of his domestic life eludes him. Since his son went away to university, his two daughters have become more challenging. While Andrew and his wife try to limit their computer and cell phone time, the girls prove to be more devious than expected, for example, by slipping him a dummy phone at night.

As they go through the teenage years, Andrew and Karen realize they both need to change. Andrew recognizes the fact that he really doesn't understand women. Boys he gets, boys are easy. Their son never gave them any trouble, much to the annoyance of his sisters. Up to now, he's relied on guidance from his wife in dealing with his daughters, however, he soon realizes she's too lenient, frequently shortening their punishment. He wonders how they went almost overnight from being loving well-behaved daughters to lying, liquor stealing, defiant teenagers. He reflects on when the change started and recognizes that it began slowly when Jackie, the youngest, was fourteen. Andrew refers to the teenage attitude as IAS or Irritable Ass Syndrome. Never one to discuss his problems with others, Andrew learns the benefits from Karen, and opens up to his staff and friends. Karen realizes she needs to be tougher, but struggles because of her own fears, some of which are rooted in losing her brother when he was young.

In a number of funny stories, Andrew and Karen contend with the girls' pranks by collecting cell phones at night and locking up the liquor chest. They go on family holidays which provide valuable bonding time, but comical adventures ensue, such as racing down a mountain to reach the gate before it closes. Andrew finds a sympathetic ear in their family doctor, Dr. MacEwen, a funny Scotsman who raised five children himself and offers sage advice. As their conflict  reaches a climax, they have decisions to make - should Jackie come on their family vacation to Hawaii? Also, should they send her to university or kick her out of the house?

As they struggle to improve the family dynamics, they can only hope and pray that the girls will return to their past loving behaviour and stay on a good path in life. In addition to the many funny and true stories, readers may benefit from some of the lessons they learn.


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