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Cat Smith, Radio KSVY Hollywood and West Napa, interviewed Andrew McKinney in April 2022 about his book

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“Whether you’ve raised teenagers or only been one so far, you’ll find something to laugh about. And if your parenting style is to be their friend, then aren’t you in for a surprise!” Ashima Jain, short story writer, New Delhi.

“Enjoyable book, and I can definitely relate as a parent! Plenty of laughs, and relatable points, it’s one I’d recommend.” Gemma Johns, Author of The Marriage Sabbatical

“I love how open, honest and just downright relatable this book was. I think it will be perfect for parents of teenagers, but also parents whose kids haven’t reached the dreaded teens yet. The writing style was easy to digest and the flow of the book was really enjoyable” Rebekah Fisher, NetGalley Book Reviewer, Australia

“Having a teenage daughter myself I was interested in seeing the experience of someone who had gone through it and come out the other site – hairless or otherwise. I recommend this book for anyone with a teenage daughter, it makes you feel less alone.” Sam Hurrell, UK

“Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving us a laugh at the teenage years!” Cat Smith, KSVY Sonoma, CA (covering West Napa and Hollywood)

“A hilarious and refreshing memoir. Insightful and open-minded, this heartfelt read looks at parenting from the perspective of a family man who has been in the conduits of childrearing. The author’s family members, are equally hilarious, tender, and honest, making this an enjoyable read from beginning to end. Clever additions such as witty quotes, and platitudes not only add candor and poise to the work but also creates humor in ways that will make readers chuckle, smile, and even laugh out loud. Great work Author McKinney!” Lily Andrews, USA Book Reviewer, Reader Views

This memoir is both a humorous and interesting look into the mind of a successful middle class father as he navigates a challenging career as he helps to raise his family.” Tim Neale, Librarian, Canada

“A father of three navigates his way through life with his family, pets, and disgruntled neighbours with varying degrees of success. The places visited both as a family and on business are beautifully described and you can imagine yourself there. While not having children myself, I can empathise with lots of incidents in this book and it was a pleasure to read.” Clare Fairclough, NetGalley UK Book Reviewer

“I reviewed this book because of the title and it was such a joy to read. Though I don’t yet have children of my own, I can somehow relate to some of the incidents here. Being an eldest daughter in an Asian household, I’ve unknowingly sort of become a second parent as well. This is funny, well-written and an overall delightful reading experience.” Nica V. Goodreads  Book Reviewer, The Republic of the Philippines

During my reading of this book I often thought, luckily there are more parents who go through the same thing. I’m almost through puberty with my kids, but recognized so much! Now I know where my gray hair comes from … recommended!” Ellen Bossink, Book Blogger, The Netherlands

“I can relate to this book, having brought up two girls, which is just a nightmare. Such a funny book, hilarious from start to finish. If you have teenagers this is a must-read. Recommended.” Wendy M. Rhodes, author of Dr. Pritchard The Poisoning Adulterer.

“I loved the title of this book and couldn’t wait to read it. As a mother of a teenage girl I can certainly relate to the stories in this book, from the cell phones to the hormones . I highly recommend this book even if you don’t have children, it is very funny and well written.” Sylvia Garai, NetGalley Book Reviewer, Romania

“This witty autobiographical account skillfully builds the memoir with a humorous and intelligent tone that elicits empathy from its target audience, even if you don’t have children. This is an author, a husband, and a father worthy of your trust. Highly recommended.” Vincent Dublado, U.S.A., author of The Weed and the Rose, reviewed for Readers’ Favorite